Another Day in Lesotho

The following is an entry from my journal. On this particular day we were still in the village of Tlokoeng, near the city of Butha Buthe.

Thursday, January 5:

I received a lesson in humility early in the day. Lineo (one of our host sisters) taught Terra and I how to sweep the proper way. A small crowd gathered in close to watch. They wanted to see how the Americans would perform the task. First, Terra and I had a go at it without any instruction. An onslaught of laughter followed our attempts. Not accustomed to being laughed at, I could feel my cheeks getting red. All I could do, however, was to suck up my pride and adjust my technique to fit their advice. (The Basotho are quick to give advice). Their laughter was then accompanied by shouts and cheers of encouragement. I think something invaluable can be found in a culture that so easily laughs (at others and themselves).


Natsha Orpin