Campus Career Night

Well, once you’ve gone through the difficult decision of where to attend college, all the hard decisions are done, right?


Turns out after college, we’re expected to get a job that can be synonymous with a career, instead of just a job to pay for coffee and Newell’s food. For some, this decision was made at the same time as the college decision, when they determined a plan for life. I didn’t really do that.

Bethel gives some help in this area. Alumni have gone to do great things, and some who stayed close by come to campus once a year for the Career Night. Doctors, lawyers, businessmen, teachers, pastors, and all sorts of careers are represented at Career Night. Students walk around the hall, stopping at booths of anyone they find with a career they are interested in.

I’m not really sure at all what I’m going to do after college, so I went to go see what was there. I got there late enough that all I really had time for were some of the journalists, who were very nice and told me about the producing aspect of TV news. No “aha” moment happened, but it’s not eliminated as a possiblity either.

Moral of the story is you don’t have to have a life plan your freshman year. It helps to have at least some sort of direction to go in, but late deciders are common. Just because the people who know exactly what they want to do are very vocal doesn’t mean everyone knows what they want.