Spring Fling

Spring Fling has started off with a bang with a fantastic talent show last night. I feel that there was a vast amount of talent shown by all the Bethel students who participated. Every show was a joy to watch and there was not one dull moment. The Bethel community had what I felt was a great turnout, with a majority of the students showing up to watch their peers perform their talents. But this is not it for Spring Fling for there will be more to come this week.Tonight there is Minute to Win It after the famous game show that allows one to get a task done in one minute faster than their opponent can. Tuesday there is ultimate Frisbee and limeades. Sounds good to me and Wednesday there is Iron Chef. Let’s see who at Bethel has been hiding their top chef abilities. Thursday is Mafia wars, that should be a blast from the past! And of course the ultimate red carpet event, The Bubbert’s Awards. The Bubbert’s Awards is like Bethel’s own personal movie awards. It’s always a joy to go watch different varieties of movies made by your peers and to dress up and walk the red carpet. I am so excited. I can’t wait for all the different events to go down and win a spring fling t-shirt of course!