On the Road Again With a Bunch of Friends


Hello, Bethel College Community, family, and friends. Greetings from the Concert Choir in the great state of Washington! Yesterday we drove to Wichita, KS and began our tour with an evening program at Lorraine Avenue Church. Several members of the congregation treated us to a wonderful meal and shortly afterward we performed our first concert, which went well, though I think we can perform even better if we’re able to get a little more rest somewhere in the next few days. The last week of midterms was hard for me at least. The people of Lorraine Avenue and Hope Mennonite church graciously let us stay at their homes afterward, giving us soft beds and lots of food. After an early flight and a slight delay in Denver we arrived in Spokane, where we ate a hearty dinner at a cool local restaurant called the Rusty Moose before rushing off and performing in a cathedral called St. Aloysius on the campus of Gonzaga University. After traveling a lot and not getting very much sleep I don’t think that this concert was the best we can do, but I’m sure we’ll bounce back. We were able to spend some tourist time in Spokane and see the local waterfalls before leaving, which was a really nice end to our time there. More people will hopefully be able to post soon, but I’d like you to be aware that posts will most likely be a day or more behind what we’re actually doing. Thanks for reading!


Ryan Goertzen