Finding Meaning in New Life

When we were all loaded on the bus and ready to leave Menno Mennonite Church on Sunday, Dale announced, “The service this morning made this entire choir tour worth our time.” I fully agree with this statement. We started the morning after a full night’s sleep in the beautiful landscape of western Washington. I had the opportunity to give the senior reflection before we sang, and I talked about feeling overwhelmed before leaving for choir tour but being thankful for everyone in the choir and everyone who helped comfort me and encourage me during the past few days that we were traveling. I also talked about how I picture the music we sing. I see it as something more than sound waves bouncing off the walls and people in the places we sing. I picture the choir’s harmonies as love that is being poured out to our audiences.

Part of the church service this morning included a baby dedication for three of the families in the church. This was a very touching ceremony, and I felt so blessed that our choir could be a part of the service. The pastor recited to each child The Lord Bless You and Keep You, and then our choir surrounded the families, and we sang The Lord Bless You and Keep You. It was beautiful to see these parents offering their children to God. One of the mothers was also a Bethel Alumnus who had sung in the choir during her time at Bethel. She said the choir sang The Lord Bless You and Keep You when she was in the choir, so it brought great memories back for her. The people at Menno Mennonite Church were extremely hospitable and welcoming the entire time we were there. They sent us on our way with a huge lunch with lots of nutritious foods to sustain us through our bus ride to Seattle. Our entire stay there was a great place to see the love of God in the church.

-Rachel Gaeddert 03/20/2011