Start of Interterm

January may just be my favorite month at Bethel. The entire month is filled with more free time because of only having to worry about one class and if you play your cards right (like I did), that class is only two weeks long! That leaves much more time to hang with friends, play intramural sports and go support the basketball teams! This last Saturday the teams went to Bethany College in Lindsborg and both got the win. The ladies are now 3-3 and in the top half of conference and the men are 4-2. They have been working very hard and have been back on campus since the 27th of December; talk about a short Christmas break! Interterm is a great time to enjoy campus life and really regroup before spring semester starts up again. We just had our first real snow of the year and I know that a good number of students are very excited! Today they had plans to go out onto the hill in Centennial Park in Newton and sled. They were going to bring out music and really have a great time. What else would you want to do on your afternoon off because the majority of classes are in the morning? I really have to say that I am glad I have interterm each year. It is a unique time and you would not get the same experience at a bigger or state school. I hope everyone stays safe out there though and out of trouble!


picture: taken moments after Bethel men’s team beat Bethany College on January 8th.