Keeping the Dream Alive

Many treated today as a day off from school, and work, but how many have stopped and realize what this day truly means. Do many see this day as celebrating an African American legend who used peaceful marches and dreams to help break racial barriers worldwide or is this day about celebrating an opportunity to sleep in, play around, and watch TV?  I don’t see today as just another day off. I look at today as a day of reflection.  A day where we can reflect on how many of Dr. King’s dreams have changed from an image of a dream to reality. As I look at Dr. King’s dreams come true, I also reflect on how it’s not complete. If Dr. King were here today, he would be so pleased to see that people of different ethnicities are allowed to attend schools together, work together, and eat together. He would look and smile at the change that America has gone through as an African American president sits in office. He would be able to turn on his TV and see an African American woman with her own talk show, an African American coach that is the head of an NFL team, and African American quarterbacks. He could take a ride in his car and see an inter-racial couple holding hands without a care in the world. Dr. King would look at the world and see that so much of his dream has been accomplished, but he is not satisfied because his dream is not complete. All these things have been accomplished but yet we are still thriving to break racial barriers, and stereotypes. His dream is not complete, there is racial profiling in Arizona, people still look with their eyes and not with their hearts. It’s sad to see how so much has changed but yet there is still ignorance in this world. I grew up thinking that racism is primarily in the south, it was not until I came to Kansas that I realized that racism is everywhere. Throughout the three years that I have been here, I have realized that racism will continue to exist not only in Kansas, and the south, but throughout the world because people refuse to see black, white, red, brown and yellow are just colors. They in no way show the true personality of that person. So I say as we reflect on this special day, keep the dream alive, for it has not been completed. His dream will continue on till not an eye in the world uses color to judge a person.