Am I crazy?

So today, on Saturday, instead of studying for finals or relaxing with friends I took a six hour long math test. Voluntarily.

See, I’m not as crazy as it would seem though. Donuts were provided for breakfast, curry for lunch, and a buffet at The Breadbasket for supper was courtesy of Bethel’s Math department. Besides the food, I took the test because despite what they may say to the contrary, the students in the math department are incredibly passionate about math. I want to be excited about math like they are, like I was in high school.

If you’re at all thinking about a math or pre-engineering major, Bethel should be at least a consideration. I knew some of the older girls who are math majors before coming here and that played a big part in solidifying my decision to come here. Not to mention the fact that the math professor, Lisa Thimm, is one of the coolest people you will ever meet. There’s none of that stereotypical nerd stuff here. Ok, maybe a little.

Due to a conflict with Newspaper meetings I have only been able to attend one Math Club meeting but that was enough to get me excited about math. This six-hour test, the Putnam competition, may not have been the highlight of my life, but Math Club proves that math isn’t just about doing problems from a book and taking tests.