November in the Rearview

November has come and gone as I sit here composing this note on the Monday after Thanksgiving break. It was a transition month, as fall sports wound down and winter sports started up. The first basketball games have taken place and now the real season is getting into gear. Those in fall sports had their first taste of free time. The men’s and women’s ensembles at Bethel had their fall concerts (and what fantastic concerts they were!) and now all Bethel students are embarking upon that shared ritual of dread: the last two weeks of the semester when you scramble to finish projects and study for finals.But there’s more than just school work too, there is also a cadre of fun events coming up like Gala and end-of-the-year music recitals. In Men’s Ensemble we’ve got two performances left on our schedule, so I’ll be pretty busy these next two weeks coming up. It will be a fun time though—there’s so much these next two weeks that I’m looking forward to experiencing for the last time, on my victory lap through college.Expect an update next time on some of those activities. Gala and Josh Powell’s spectacular recital—it should be amazing!