Mojo’s Coffee Shop

Well school is off and running and I already have tons of homework!  One thing about being a history major is that there is a lot of reading involved! 

However, I did make time to attend the grand opening of our new coffee shop on campus.  Mojo’s ( located in Bubbert’s) looks great!  And awesome transformation took place in there this summer.  The tables and chairs were replaced with coffee shop tables and chairs and there is coffee shop artwork.  It really seems like this is going to be a place where many people can hang out.  It will be a great place to sit and do homework, hold meetings, or just chat with friends.  Also, the coffee and pastries and cookies were great!  Student life was able to provide the students with free snacks and $1.00 coffee drinks.  There was also live music to enjoy in the coffee shop.  I cannot wait for it to open for good on September 20th so I can buy coffee and relax in a great new space!  Maybe my homework will not seem quite as intimidating if I am surrounded by the sights and sounds and smells of Mojo’s!