Spring Fake

I might still be frustrated with the way life works. Oh well.The Student Teacher Handbook tells me that I must follow the schedule of my cooperating school, not Bethel College. It’s really too bad then that our Spring Breaks did not line up. So while all the Bethel folks were studying and taking midterms, I took a drive home to Iowa. Most exciting event while I was home: Seeing The Steel Wheels in concert. The first time I saw them was here at Bethel as a freshman. If you like bluegrass, or americana, or beautiful harmonies, check them out. Plus it was a chance for me and my dad to hang out. And it was one of the best concerts I’ve seen. But then I had to turn around and head back to Kansas just as my modmates started driving south for Texas. Ugh.I’d ask for pity, but here I am, doing my student teaching thing, with a (mostly) empty campus, and I still love it. My responsibilities in the fourth grade classroom now include math and reading lessons, as well as a lot of classroom management and all of the traveling back and forth between specials, computer lab, lunch, bathroom breaks, etc. And even though I was most nervous for this new week, when I’d have to start teaching a subject that I’m not always fond of, my first couple of lessons have been a hit. I’m pleasantly surprised with my abilities, and get energized to do better when I look back and reflect on my work. And that’s what the Bethel College Education Program is all about… teaching us to be reflective teachers. I have so many wonderful resources from my education classes here to use and look back on as I teach. A lot of support, even with an empty campus, from Bethel education staff and of course my mentoring teacher. Plus, I get to look forward to student teacher dinner dates– talking to some of the few who understand the stress I feel right now and are going through it at the same time!