Getting Underway With Classes

So, we are now in the last week or so of September and classes are going strong as well as the balancing of homework, sports, and social life. My classes, thankfully, are not too stressful but are keeping me busy. I am a business major and I love it! I just took my first test of the year today and I believe I did quite well! I am currently in all business classes: Bus. Law, Accounting, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship. I am actually excited for this semester because all of these classes interest me in some way. The only thing that will be challenging is that I have an on-going marketing plan as well as an on-going business plan in two different classes and almost each week there is something due on either one of the plans. So I am being very diligent on writing my due dates on a calendar! 🙂 Basketball is now getting underway with pre-season conditioning. We have recently been running the hill at the nearby park, been playing pick up games, lifting, and running sprints. I am very excited for season to begin on October 15 but we will only have 14 practices before our first game! We are very pumped as a team for the upcoming season! With the combination of my class work as well as basketball I find it somewhat easy to get everything done. For me, it is all about time management. I write down my priorities for the week that I have to get done on a white-board (This helps me stay organized)! So far so good for the beginning of the year for me! I have no doubt that the rest of the year will be great…as long as I can stay organized!