Brought to You by Bethel College

I am contractually obligated to write this and post it before the end of August. Which is a little befuddling. I’m blogging about Bethel and it hasn’t yet started for me. I’ve been living and working on campus all summer and even with the recent arrival of the athletes and opening of the caf, I feel more like a member of the proletariat than the student body.But in three more days, when I move my stuff across the courtyard of Warkentin Court in the exact opposite of the move I made at the start of the summer, I will be rejoining some of my old modmates, greeting some new ones, and rediscovering the magic of Bethel College.Over the course of the summer I have been working on the Events Staff. My boss is Ben Jones and my coworkers are my future modmates Josh Powell and Alan Skinner, and Alan’s little brother Brian. They’ve been a fun bunch of people with whom to earn a living. The work has been made nearly tolerable by their company. You’ll see our handiwork when you move in on the 29th (or you already have if you’re already here). Josh, Alan, Brian and I are the guys who set up your room to your exact specifications, we put up the signs up that will guide you through registration, we set up the tent the admissions folks stand under all day, and we decorated with flags and banners at every turn.But beyond our work, there are countless others who have been toiling in the heat and humidity of summer (and have the pit stains to prove it) to make the upcoming school year possible. There are the maintenance guys who have been busy fixing things we broke last year, the administrators in air-conditioned offices (lucky dogs) who have been making sure everyone’s paper work (schedules, scholarships, etc.) is in order, the groundskeepers who have been fighting a valiant battle against grass that just keeps growing no matter what, the librarians who have been doing who knows what secluded in their stacks and archives, the custodians keeping things clean and shipshape, and the A/V guys who have been setting up the brand-new, hotly anticipated WIRELESS INTERNET (which I am currently utilizing and is awesome). Yea, there are also teachers, but they’ve been on vacation all summer. There are even more folks who are starting work right now, like the cafeteria workers, who will soon join the ranks of the tireless, unsung heroes of Bethel who have been here all summer making the running of this school possible.Being a junior, I couldn’t help but be a little embarrassed when I realized that for the past two years I have been largely ignorant to the work the staff does every day. I’ve always assumed that if you whine to the right people, the toilet is magically unclogged after class one day. Without giving it a second thought I accepted the help of these people, barely realizing it was done by people.Their hard work makes Bethel the great place to be that it is.