production week

If you have ever experienced Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute, then you no doubt recall the role of the “First Priest.” The First Priest’s memorable (and only) line, “He is virtuous?” helps to set the tone for Act II, and his several other appearances as an escort for the “lead” characters and a member of the chorus of priests make the role especially important to the overall plot of the show. Fortunately, as a member of the 2008 cast of The Magic Flute at Bethel this week, I am up to the challenge. (Removes tongue from cheek.)It is indeed a pleasure to be involved with this production, although this week of rehearsals and performances will be especially demanding. I appreciate the opportunity as a Bethel staff member to be involved in something like this, if only to lend my voice to the chorus and my facial hair to the role of First Priest. We are fortunate at Bethel that our finest vocal performers are also talented actors, and based on what I have seen and heard in rehearsals this production will be a real treat for the college community! So come join the audience on Friday and/or Saturday evenings this weekend at 7:30. You can expect an entertaining and lively production that might challenge your opinion of what it is like to spend an evening at the opera!