What a year for baseball.

Has anyone else been following Major League Baseball this year? If you haven’t, here’s a quick update:- 3 players reached the 500 home runs mark (including A-Rod, the youngest player in history to do it)- Prince Fielder became the youngest player with 50 homers in a season- Jimmy Rollins joined the very exclusive 20-20-20-20 club- Tom Glavine reached his 300th win- Roger Clemens got his 350th- Trevor Hoffman became the all-time saves leader- And oh yeah, this guy named Barry Bonds set the new record for career home runsOn top of those milestones, the pennant races have been, well, ridiculous. The comeback story of the Cubs, the (almost) comeback story of the Brewer franchise, the history-making collapse of the New York Mets and the not-so-history-making collapse of the Cardinals. And guess what? It’s not even over! The Padres and the Rockies (yes, the Rockies) are playing right now for the NL Wild Card. If you haven’t been watching baseball this year, start now. It’s only going to get more exciting.