from Berlin to Wuppertal

SO, Miriam and I are now in Wuppertal! We got here Saturday, but a lot of this entry will still be about Berlin, since I have the next 4 months to write about life here.By the time we left we had formed a pretty good little group of people that we went out with in Berlin, and it was sad to leave them. We also went to the Mennonite church the last Sunday we were there, where we met a guy who recently graduated from EMU, and a girl who is currently a student at Goshen. Small world, of course.Wednesday, Oct 3, is the “Tag der Deutschen einheit,” the national holiday celebrating the two German countries reuniting into one. There was a huge celebration (over 500,000 people) at the Brandenburg Gate where all the hot German rock bands played. We went to that with the Mennos we met, which was really fun.Also, one day in the language school some people came from a record company to make a video for this German band called Basta. Here are the results: (this one should be watched first — it’s the whole song, and the original video)followed by we’re in Wuppertal, and all I can say is thank heavens for Lisa Straat. If you’re reading this and don’t know Lisa, she was a Wuppertal exchange student at Bethel last year. She’s been going around with Miriam and I to all the offices we need to hit, speaking German when our language fails us, and telling us everything we need to know. Basically we would be completely lost without her. Or Friends of Bethel, at least. Friends of Bethel makes sure someone is available to take care of us. 🙂 We’ve settled into our “flats,” as they call them, and have found the local market and bakery, gotten transportation tickets so we can ride all the busses and trains in the area, and done everything else we need to make life in Germany comfortable. Classes don’t start for another week, so we’ll probably go to Dusseldorf or Koln in the next couple days. Plenty of time to see the area!