Max Wedel PhotoIt’s hard to believe that another summer has come and gone, but I guess it has. Gone are the days of staying up til breakfast and sleeping past lunch…wait a minute… To all the returning students: hello and welcome back. To all the new students: welcome to Bethel. My name is Max Wedel. No, not “Wee-dle” or “Way-dle”, my last name is pronounced “Wuh-dell”. I know, I know, I’m pronouncing it totally wrong, right? If it really bothers you that much, I would love to sit down, maybe grab a cup of coffee and discuss my ability to pronounce my own name.In all seriousness though, welcome to this “community” of Bethel. It’s a word you will probably hear being thrown around a lot when describing our school, and probably with a sneer or chuckle, but it’s exactly what we are. We are a community, a fellowship, of students, staff and faculty alike learning together, eating together and living together. We welcome you into it.So as we buy our books, move into our respective dorms and finalize our class schedules, say hi to someone you don’t know and let’s start this year out on the right foot. -Max