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  • Mudslam, AKA The Dirtiest Volleyball You Have Ever Played

    Mudslam, AKA The Dirtiest Volleyball You Have Ever Played

  • Mod Life: Finding Fun Amidst Stress

    Mod Life: Finding Fun Amidst Stress

Concert Choir Tour 2015

Concert Choir Tour 2015

The choir's annual spring break tour took them into churches of various denominations in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas, where they experienced amazing hospitality from an equal variety of people.
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Bethel in bloom

Bethel in bloom

It seems like we just turned around and suddenly it's spring all over the Bethel campus.
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Spring Fling 2015

Spring Fling 2015

Above is a photo from 2015's Bubbert Awards fun. The Bubberts capped off Spring Fling week, which also included Ultimate Trivia, laser tag, Capture the Flag and Bethel Olympics. Plus an Iron Chef Cook-off with a secret ingredient...
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The end of another school year

The end of another school year

Wrapping up, finishing up and moving out, as another school year ends. Our bloggers appreciate coffee, friends, beautiful coffee, summer plans, study breaks and ... coffee.
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Associated Collegiate Press Conference

In addition to the normal slate of exciting senior year projects and events, next year I am looking forward to working as Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper: the Bethel Collegian. In preparation for this shift of responsibilities, I attended a national Associated Collegiate Press Conference in San Diego, CA this last weekend. I have since returned with a number of exciting style and content ideas for the Collegian. Read More

Segue into a new semester…a month late

If you’re dedicated to reading Bethel’s “Beyond the Green” then you might have noticed you haven’t heard from me in a while. It’s been over two months since I arrived “home,” that is, to the United States, from five months studying, playing and living in Quito, Ecuador.Now I need to sit in a classroom in order to speak Spanish.I must admit that it is somewhat intimidating to blog now, without stories of exotic locations and language bloopers–without the excitement that of discovery that you expect to find while living in another country. Read More

Neurobiology Lab

WARNING: this blog contains slightly squeamish descriptions of a biology lab. Not for the faint of stomach, or the overly-vivid of imaginations.I don’t know if this has come up in previous blogs, but for those of you who don’t know, I’m a psychology and communication double major. Additionally, because I have a great difficulty making exclusive decisions, I’m working on an English minor and a Neuroscience certificate. The latter of those smaller designations is a complement to the psychology degree I will earn. Neuroscience essentially adds a biological component to the standard psychology curricula. Read More


There’s a lot about a small campus that’s great.Bethel is smaller than my high school, so I feel like I have a good shot at knowing everyone at the school. I’ve gotten very close to my roommates and modmates in a short period of time, because not only do we room together, we sometimes have classes together, and we often see each other at meals.The largest class I’ve been in was my gen. ed. history class: History of Civilization 2. I think there weren’t quite thirty people in the class. I was in a philosophy class sophomore year that only had four people. Talk about one-on-one attention. It made sure that each of us were on top of our reading. The discussions were so manageable, and we were even assigned our own book to focus on for original papers. Most people don’t get attention like that until graduate school. Read More


Interterm is a Bethel institution of some uniqueness.Before it starts, Interterm is what makes me scowl at my non-Bethel collegiate friends because it makes my winter break dramatically shorter than theirs. The new year has barely begun and mere days later, I’m back at school. It’s such a quick turnaround that I still mess up the year in the dateline of my assignments. Read More

The Luxury of Sleep

I’m realizing that I will sleep substantially more during winter break (which is short this year–only about 17 days) than I did during the end of semester between Thanksgiving and the end of finals.I haven’t counted the hours or anything, and a lot of the disparity is my fault. I sometimes stay up needlessly at school, not because of homework or anything, but just because that’s when everyone else is doing things. It has honestly become difficult for me to go to sleep before midnight anymore, and towards the end of semester, that stretched to 1:00 a.m. Once again, it’s not that I’m not tired; it’s just that’s when other people are doing things. Sometimes it feels like the campus gets going after midnight. It’s also hard to sleep when other people are talking about how much homework they have to get done; it makes me anxious that I’m forgetting something too. But that’s one of my own little neuroses. Read More

Ecuador video!

If you would like to see a collage mixed with some videos of my experience in Ecuador, just follow this link or type in BCA Ecuador in! WARNING: it is about twenty minutes long, so only watch this if you might want to wait to watch it until you are super bored.

Back in the U.S.

27 de diciembre 2008For an English major, it can be pretty frustrating not to be able to describe an experience in words.On the 22nd of December at about 2:30 in the morning I arrived home safe and sound after a long day of flight travel. Our BCA group had different discussions about culture shock in Ecuador and the side effects of adjusting back to life in the U.S. We heard that there might be feelings of depression, disappointment, shock—that it might be harder to go back than it was to arrive in Ecuador. Read More

Faculty and Student Generosity

I love the relationship between students and faculty at Bethel.I’m particularly conscious of it during the holiday/end-of-semester season, because that’s when everybody pulls out the stops. With such a small student population, teachers can more easily get to know each of their students. At Bethel, most students are on first name basis with their teachers. They are friends on Facebook and discuss favorite hobbies/music/whatever outside of the classroom. Even more unique is the fact that, more often than not, students are invited to their teachers’ houses at some point in the semester. Read More

Giving Thanks

27 de noviembre 2008It is a curious thing what the holiday season can bring about.This Tuesday I had an interesting conversation with my host father. All of the members of my family, I would say that I am least close to him, simply because for the majority of the semester I didn´t see him a lot, and he always seemed a bit more reserved than my host brothers and mom. About three weeks ago he had a minor surgery to remove kidney stones, but it turned out to be a long ordeal from which he is still recovering. The surgery was further complicated by the fact that his stomach was removed four years ago for cancer.So after sleeping two hours past my alarm (don´t worry, I was still on time for classes) I found myself sipping café con leche and eating my wonderful morning dose of fresh fruit (I think that day it was papaya and bananas) and talking with my host father, José o Pepé. Read More