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  • Mudslam, AKA The Dirtiest Volleyball You Have Ever Played

    Mudslam, AKA The Dirtiest Volleyball You Have Ever Played

  • Mod Life: Finding Fun Amidst Stress

    Mod Life: Finding Fun Amidst Stress

Concert Choir Tour 2015

Concert Choir Tour 2015

The choir's annual spring break tour took them into churches of various denominations in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas, where they experienced amazing hospitality from an equal variety of people.
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Bethel in bloom

Bethel in bloom

It seems like we just turned around and suddenly it's spring all over the Bethel campus.
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Spring Fling 2015

Spring Fling 2015

Above is a photo from 2015's Bubbert Awards fun. The Bubberts capped off Spring Fling week, which also included Ultimate Trivia, laser tag, Capture the Flag and Bethel Olympics. Plus an Iron Chef Cook-off with a secret ingredient...
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The end of another school year

The end of another school year

Wrapping up, finishing up and moving out, as another school year ends. Our bloggers appreciate coffee, friends, beautiful coffee, summer plans, study breaks and ... coffee.
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UH OH!!!!

Uh oh for fun, get ready for the best weekend of your college careers. This weekend is going to be filled with so much fun and excitement. Starting on Friday, after classes end there will be a game of capture the flag in the dark!!! Yay! Then on Saturday it is the annual intramural softball games where there is a lot of fun and excitement. Even if you’re not a participant, many go to lay out in the sun and cheer on their peers and of course barbecue. You can’t have a softball game without a barbecue. Last but not least, there is Sunday. Who can forget mud-slam, that icky sticky rolling around in the mud all day volleyball game which implies win or go home!!! After you’re all washed up from the mud, you should go to send off for summer. Yay my favorite part of the year because it is the last time to spend time with your buddies before everyone leaves for the summer. Remember the first 75 people at send off for summer get free t-shirts.

Last Week of Classes

I just finished up my last class of the semester! Once May hit, everything began to get crazy and hectic! My classes are done now–but onto finals next week! I am fortunate enough to only have one final test left and a final paper next week. I cannot believe that the school year is coming to a close, seniors are about to move on, and summer jobs are about to start up! Time has flown by since spring break. This is both a good and bad thing. I have had so many projects and papers to get done in a short amount of time, so I have been stressed to the max. Now that most of my whirlwind is done, I am able to de-stress just a bit before my last push to the end. I can see the end in sight and I am soo excited!


Until this weekend I didn’t know it was possible to get sick from stress. I suppose it has happened to others though. Dizzy after not taking care of my body or personal health, chronically tired, apathetic, lack of appetite, I just stayed in bed…. what a fun way to enter in to the last three weeks of school.On the bright side, these next few weeks are PACKED with activity. Read More

The Final Push

Well friends, it seems that the year is quickly drawing to a close, which means that you probably think I’m going to talk about how busy the end of the year is, what all I have to accomplish yet, and how much I’m looking forward to summer. Well, you’re right, kind of. There is a lot to do, but so far I don’t feel overwhelmed. I need to write two or three more papers and memorize a monologue for my Living in Performance class. I don’t think that school will be too terribly hectic, but having lots and lots of Masterworks rehearsals towards the end of this week will probably stress me out. There’s one thing about having choir every day for an hour, and then there’s another thing about having it for four days straight for at least three hours at a time. As much as I love Poulenc’s Gloria and Stravinsky’s Requiem I feel like it’s going to be a struggle for me to stay attentive and optimistic facing such a grueling schedule. I’m not saying that so much practice is unwarranted either, we are not to the performance level with these pieces yet and could honestly use all of this practice time. It’s just…well…inconvenient for getting homework done and having a life. Oh well, it’s only 4 days. Read More


May is here and you know what that means. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I will go ahead and tell you. School is almost out, graduation is coming up, and summer is on the horizon. Although May is a time to celebrate, it’s also a time to buckle down and get all the last minute assignments that are being assigned done. These assignments can make or break a grade especially with it being so close to the end of the year. Although there are positives and negatives to the arrival of May, one can always relax by going and enjoying the beautiful May weather on the Green or playing catch with friends. May is the month that gets you out of a funk!!!

It’s not over till the men unbutton their pants

Today marks the fourth week since I left Kansas, meaning tomorrow I will have officially been in Germany for a whole month! It’s kind of hard to believe my time here is already a quarter over :(. But I don’t want to think about that right now. I’d rather talk about all the fun stuff from this past weekend!I’m going to go ahead and say I think I weigh about 5 pounds heavier after this weekend. First, on Saturday it was the birthday of one of the international students from China, Bin. There were about 10 of us who gathered in his apartment for a sumptuous feast of authentic Asian food prepared by him and another one of our friends, Tan, from Singapore. Though it wasn’t exactly like “American” Chinese food, it was more similar than I had expected, with chicken and sweet and sour sauce and the works. All of us brought something to contribute, preferably something representative of our own country. I brought peanut butter and jelly (of which no one actually partook :)). Valentina, a student from Italy, made real tiramisu, and the usual tradition was kept: we put candles on the cake and sang “Happy Birthday”–only we sang it in 3 different languages: English, German, and Chinese! Surprisingly enough, the Chinese version is to the same tune as the English version. Read More

A United World

I’ve never been sure what to think about the spread of the American culture throughout the rest of the world. Some people say it’s a bad thing–that too much spreading of the American culture causes other cultures to be stamped out, ultimately creating a single monoculture for the whole world. I can see why this might be a concern–after all, even though I’m in Germany, I still see/hear many traces of my country here: the movies playing in the theaters, the shows on TV, the music on the radio. Not to mention the fact that the majority of the people I encounter know at least a little bit of English. Read More


General list of events that have sneaked up on me:-The end of the year.-The end of my full-time weeks as student teacher.-The end of April.-My PLT–THE test required by Kansas (and 34 other states) which will determine whether or not I receive my teaching license. The test is tomorrow at 7 am. And though it was at the front of my to-do list last weekend, it has receded to the farthest reaches of my memory until tonight at supper. I’m taking a break from a bit of review right now……… Read More

Spring Fling!

Hey all. Bethel has been in a spring fling kind of mood lately, in fact last week was dedicated to the celebration of spring, as denoted by it being called Spring Fling here on campus. We had several activities going on, such as a talent show, various outside sports events, and finally our annual Bubbert’s film awards. Read More

A week of multicultural bonding

Classes will start full swing this week, so I’m actually looking forward to having a little more routine! I’m taking my placement exam for my German language course on Monday, so it’ll be interesting to see which class I’m in. I’ve been a little sick the past couple days with a cold, so Friday I got some medicine from the Apotheke today (that’s pharmacy–here you have to buy any over-the-counter medication at a pharmacy, not just at a grocery store), so hopefully that helps. I explained my symptoms to the pharmacist (yes, auf Deutsch!) and she gave me this powdered Bayer aspirin stuff to mix in water and drink. Fun fact: Bayer is manufactured here in Wuppertal! Read More