What’s there to do around Newton?

If you’re new to Bethel or not from around the area, you may find yourself wondering what fun stuff Newton, Kansas has to offer.  Although it is a pretty small town, there’s more to do than you might think.  If you’re needing to get off campus for a while and go have some fun, you’re reading the right blog post!

1. Half-price appetizers at Applebee’s.  I never fully understood the beauty of getting a full order of mozzarella sticks for $4 until college.  My friends and I average going to Applebee’s about once a week.  The food is cheap, and really good.  Plus, it’s really nice sometimes to just go out and eat at a restaurant with your friends late at night!  You can get half-apps on weeknights 9pm – midnight and weekends 10pm – midnight.  

2. Druber’s Donut Shop.  This is a beloved Newton classic that’s been around for a number of years.  This unique donut shops opens its doors at 11:30pm every night (except Saturday night) and stays open until 2:30 pm the next day, and Saturdays they stay open until 11am.  The donuts are the best and  are very affordable on a college student budget.  If you’re craving something sweet at 2am, go check out Druber’s.



3. CaNewton.  As you may know, the Sand Creek runs through Newton and has become a popular place for walking and fishing.  Last summer, I discovered that a couple had opened a canoe and kayak rental business from their backyard, which overlooks the creek.  My boyfriend and I rented a couple canoes and set out on the Sand Creek for a couple hours and it was a blast!  There are plenty of canoes and kayaks to rent for a good price.  With the weather getting warmer, it’s the perfect time to check out CaNewton on Facebook and get out on the water!

4. Kauffman Museum.  Located right across the street from Bethel, this place is one you’ll want to visit during your time at Bethel.  They’ve got great permanent and traveling exhibits, as well as a tallgrass prairie reconstruction with a great grasses and wildflowers.  The museum is even open on weekends!  Next time you need a study break on a Sunday afternoon, head on over to Kauffman.

5. Disc golf courses.  As you probably know, we have our very own disc golf course on campus that is just incredible.  What you may not know though, is that it’s been expanded to 18 holes now!  If you’re an avid disc golfer and want to check out other courses in the area too, there are a few others around.  About a half-mile away from campus is the 9-hole course at Centennial Park just off of Kansas Avenue.  Out south of town, there’s a 24-hole course at Camp Hawk.  If you’re willing to drive a few miles, Hesston (north of Newton) has a 10-hole course on the Crosswind Conference Center property.

6. Dyck Arboretum.  Located just a few miles north of Bethel in the town of Hesston, the arboretum is a large and beautiful area for walking, biking, running, or laying out a blanket and reading!  There are lots of trees and so many interesting plants.  There’s a large pond in the middle that’s known to have turtles that love to be fed bread crumbs too 🙂



This list is just a glimpse of the fun things to do around the Newton area.  Newton also has a bowling alley, several restaurants, parks, and places to shop!  My friends and I sometimes go to Wichita for a fun day or night out also.  Wichita is big and has tons of things to do.  One of my favorite things in Wichita is Botanica — a beautiful and large botanical garden.

So get out there and explore.  See for yourself all of the great things in South Central Kansas!