Choir Tour Recap- Sunday, March 20

Sunday was our first doubleheader of the trip–we sang in Rainbow Mennonite Church in Kansas City during the service before making the trek out to Beatrice, Nebraska to sing in First Mennonite Church. The morning service at Rainbow was well attended, although some suspect that the main draw may have been the presence of the legendary Bethel golf team, who was also in attendance. The service finished on a great note, as the choir circled the congregation to sing The Lord Bless You and Keep You, and was joined by the Rainbow Choir in singing the hymn. After an amazing potluck and a refreshing nap on the bus, the choir arrived at Beatrice, Nebraska. The highlight of this performance occurred at the very beginning of the concert. In the silence following the last note of Ubi Caritas, a child in the back of the church let his deep gratitude and sincere appreciation of the music be known by calling out, “Yay!” Sometimes it’s these simple interactions that carry the most meaning and best reflect the spirit of the concert. The long day was completed with what every congregation seems to have deemed necessary for our survival– cookies!

-Ben Wiens