Choir Tour- Monday, March 21

Monday was a day of exploration and relaxation. We left Beatrice with relatively few hiccups at around 8 and were dropped off in downtown Lincoln nearly an hour later.
Faced with nearly six hours of free time before an evening concert, students broke into groups and entertained themselves with varying degrees of creativity and energy. A good portion of us passed through The Mill: a winding, brick-walled coffee shop with chandeliers and wi-fi. I myself spent the entire time there, enjoying multiple cups of hot chocolate and indulging my more introverted side.
Other students called a cab and went to the zoo where they discovered that it was closed and moved on to the Natural History Museum. Another group visited the Haymarket baseball stadium and even managed to get into the stands. The Haymarket area of Lincoln’s downtown (where we were dropped off) boasted other attractions, including (but not limited to) a multitude of restaurants, a Ten Thousand Villages, and a feminist bookshop.
In the evening we gave a concert. First Mennonite Church’s small congregation welcomed us into their worship space and then into their homes afterwards.

Westen Gesell