The Road Home

(Sunday, March 29)

Over the past two days, the Concert Choir has been busy traveling, singing and developing our community with time spent during meals and on the bus. On Saturday afternoon, after a free morning to sleep and grab some lunch in Dallas, we said goodbye to Texas and loaded the bus for the journey to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

That evening, after eating a delicious Italian meal at a local restaurant courtesy of Bethel, we performed at a cathedral in downtown Tulsa. The cathedral provided an incredible, rich housing for our sound to occupy. Each piece sounded different from what we were used to. The sound echoed for what seemed like forever after a crisp release.

Although the crowd was not as large as it had been for previous concerts, we sang just for the pleasure of singing in such a glorious space. This concert, at least for me, was one of the most vocally rewarding experiences during the tour, and I believe others share my opinion.

After our concert, we loaded the bus for a shorter drive to Enid, Oklahoma, where we would perform Sunday morning at Grace Mennonite Church. The next morning, after spending our final night outside Kansas, we headed to the church. We engaged in the worship with the congregation at Grace and then offered a shorter, but still a high-quality performance designed to fit into the worship.

The choir enjoyed singing to such an attentive and involved audience. After the service, the congregation fed us a delicious potluck meal and were able to engage in conversation with the people of Grace Mennonite.

We are currently back on the road for the last time together with this group, headed back to Kansas. The tour has been deeply moving and one of the most powerful experiences of my short college career.

As a freshman in this group, I was unsure of how I would fit in or how a 10-day trip would really go. Before this trip these people were my friends and acquaintances of my college career. However, after traveling with them and giving all these performances together, I can without a doubt say that this is my family.

And as one of our songs asks: “Where is the road that will lead me home?” I can honestly give a reply to this question: I am at home in the Concert Choir.

-Reece Hiebert