What to do when you’re bored…

Hey all!

I recently began thinking about times when I feel there is nothing to do at Bethel. However, I soon realized that this should be a rare occurrence considering all the activities and events that seem to be happening throughout the week.  Honestly, if you were to look at the calendar on our website, there is usually an athletic event, concert, or student activity going on!

If your problem is that you don’t want to go alone, drag along a friend, or just be brave and go by yourself. You will be surprised at the friends you can make by attending. ┬áNot only will your friend base grow, but your knowledge about new sports, plays, or concerts will too. Maybe you simply never know when something is going on. The solution to this is really simple: pay attention to emails, ask around, check the online calendar, and some groups even post on Facebook and Twitter, so watch for those.

Bethel has so much going on, it’s just a matter of expanding your horizons and experiencing something new. Student Activities Committee plans several events to keep students engaged on campus. Some of the activities include: dances, trivia night at Mojo’s, bonfires, tailgating before football games, and even an ice cream gutter contest at Fall Fest.

SAC is not the only group on campus holding events for students; Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Multicultural Student Union, Students for Social Change, Student Social Work Organization, Intramurals, and the Collegian are just a few of the many clubs and organizations that offer opportunities for participation.

Sure, there may be times when no athletic or musical events are scheduled, but then you can always make your own fun. Invite friends over to your dorm and have a movie party or play games. On the weekends walk around to different residence halls, this is when a majority of people are out and about looking to build community.

My point is there is always something to do at Bethel, even when you have to make it happen, you should not allow yourself to be bored. Take some initiative and have a good time! You’re only in college for a short amount of time, so make it worthwhile.