On-campus jobs

With such a small campus one might expect that on-campus employment would be rare, but many students find time to pick up hours for on-campus jobs. New students receive information about the long list of on-campus jobs during the summer or at the beginning of the year, and then the mad rush to claim the top-choice jobs begins. Some people can attain jobs like tutoring or grading through recommendations from professors. Science classes often hire lab aides as well. Jobs range from just a few hours a week cleaning or tutoring to 10+ hours a week at the library or Mojo’s. The best part about getting a job on campus is that, unlike many part-time jobs elsewhere, on-campus jobs are typically designed around the fact that you are a student first and an employee second. You typically can choose hours to fit your schedule and fit multiple jobs into your schedule.I’ve been working in the bookstore since my freshman year. It’s perfect for me because I like doing different tasks and the bookstore employees deal with the clothing for sale, the switchboard, making copies, and the mail for the entire campus. I can also say that I’ve done both office work and customer service. Blogging is actually an on-campus job as well. My other jobs are grading for the Calculus I class and writing for the Collegian, the school newspaper. Those are both things that I can organize into my schedule and don’t necessarily have to do at a certain time, which helps a lot.Working on campus is a great way to make some money while taking classes. I highly recommend looking at the on-campus opportunities before finding a job off-campus.