Festivities In the Fall

This last weekend marked another glorious Fall Festival. Despite the weather, many alumni, local newtonians, and visitors from in and around this great state of Kansas joined in the awesomeness. Lot’s of new years cookies, verinike, and kettle corn to fill those hungry tummies of ours. I personally helped feed a countless number of people with verinike by working the both at Fall Fest as well as the Taste of Newton.

As wonderful and delicious as this festival was, it was not without its stressful endeavors. It is a great time to relax and enjoy the extra day of almost no classes (since only the afternoon classes were cancelled which benefited me in no way), for students involved in the booths it provides a host of time filling and extraverted activities. Though it is a fun and glorious time, it hardly feels like a weekend on account of all the activities going on. Rarely will a student be caught sitting down during one of the more hectic weekends in Bethel’s year, and this can sometimes wear on a students mental toughness.

Despite all of the working and moving around, I for one enjoyed this Fall Festival rather heartily. It is always good to see old friends and see all of the alumni coming together to eat grotesque amounts of goodies and talk the afternoon away. I look forward to the one next year, even if it comes with a to-do-list the length of a senior seminar research paper.