Bigs in Schools

It is difficult to believe that we are over halfway through October already! The school year has continued to fly by. Fall Fest was only a week ago and I finished up all my midterm exams this week. Even amidst the neverending homework assignments and due dates one of the highlights of my week is still the same as every year — going to see my little sister for Bigs in Schools. Bigs in Schools is a program through Big Brothers Big Sisters that matches a high school/college student (or anybody really) with a student sort of like the regular BBBS matches except you can only meet with them in school. I usually go to see mine for about half an hour once a week. We first got matched my junior year of high school when she was a second grader. Now she is a sixth grader and is taller than I am! Usually our time together is spent talking, doing crafts, or playing games. We play so many games! I think one of my favorite things about being a big sister is that I know when I go every week my little sister will be excited to see me and spend time with me — and I feel the same when I go to see her. The bonds we have formed over the past 4 years and now into our 5th year are pretty incredible. She has grown up in so many ways from when I first met her, it is hard to believe this is our 5th year as a match. It is a great break from everything else going on in school and life when I get to go spend time with her. Bigs is just one other reason why I’m happy to still be in the Newton community.