Words from a Collegian Section Editor

Hello all,

If you have ever wanted to take part in a club on campus, the student-run newspaper, the Collegian is a great place to start! As the sports section editor I am always looking for new writers and photographers to add on staff.  I know writing articles, doing interviews, and making deadlines all sounds a little scary at first, but trust me it’s not. While it is nerve-racking in the beginning, after the first issue it is really simple and you become more confident in your abilities.

I started out as a staff writer my freshman year, then last year was a co-section editor for the entertainment section, and finally decided to take on the role of sports editor. With two great leaders as co-editor in chiefs who bring an array of ideas, the Collegian is a fun club to be a part of. Not only do you work with interesting and entertaining people (such as myself) you learn what’s happening around campus. If that doesn’t convince you, then another perk is that these are paid positions. Awesome, right?!

Need reasons other than joining the Collegian to be around great people and get paid? Well, if journalism is something you’re interested in this is a good starting point, but even if you’ve never had any type of experience and are just a good writer or photographer this is a great place to contribute your skills.

As a section editor I am responsible for creating story ideas at our planning meetings, as well as the layout and design of the sport pages. Sports writers turn their articles into me and I then edit them if needed and begin creating pages for the printed newspaper. This past Monday was production night, so I got to spend time with my fellow editors in the Collegian lab. This is the night when we all work on our pages, socialize, and eat pizza!

The Collegian is a bi-weekly newspaper, so an issue is printed every two weeks. We meet on Sunday evenings at 8 p.m. If this sounds exciting to you or you’re just curious to see what it’s all about feel free to sit in on a meeting. We love new people and we usually have candy. (: