Catching Zzz’s in College

Hey everyone!

Remember all those naps you skipped out on as a child? Well let me tell you, when you’re in college you truly regret not taking those opportunities to sleep. While you may have had to wake up for high school classes, early mornings in college are a different story.

Once you get to college your sleep schedule will change drastically. You will stay up late studying, hanging out with friends, or attending activities on campus. Trust me, your level of procrastination increases due to your new social life.  Not only that, but most events are planned later in the evening. Don’t be surprised when you have meetings at 10 o’clock or intramural games at 11, sometimes later. Of course there’s also the occasional donut run to Druber’s at 11:30 and maybe a stop at Newell’s for cheesy fries and a milkshake.

While making friends and socializing is a huge part of college, sometimes the actual reason we are here gets put on the back-burner. Receiving an education is the most important aspect and we need constant reminders of this. Getting an adequate amount of sleep is important for us to stay awake and get the most out of classes. However, if it was a late night then you should try and make time for a nap somewhere in your day.

If you are concerned about your sleeping schedule try setting a goal for when you will have your homework done and a time that you will head to bed. Be firm with your friends about the importance of getting enough hours of sleep when they suggest you go out.

The National Sleep Foundation says adults need seven to nine hours a night, but if you ask students how much they actually get, the results are much less.  I would be one of those people, considering how often I stay up late. In all honesty though, I need to make an effort to get more sleep so I will feel better and be able to focus in class.

Sleep is very important people, in that case,  I think I’ll take a nap now.