Back to Bethel and Real Life

Hi, my name is Rebecca Trumble. I’m a junior from Newton, Kan. and am an Elementary Education major with a special education liscensure. I’m also involved in a lot of music things here at Bethel. I play trombone in the Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble I, and soon will be playing in the Jazz Combo II. The Student Alumni Association and the Student Ambassador program are a couple other things I’m also invovled in.

Since I’m an El. Ed. major I really enjoy working with kids and had the opportunity to spend a second summer working on staff at Swan Lake Christian Camp in South Dakota. Being at camp was so exhausting at times but it was worth every moment. One our longest but most memorable days of the summer was the morning we had to wake up at 4am to help with staffing at the Swan Lake Marathon. We had marathoners come to camp from all over the United States. It was pretty cool to get the chance to eat meals with them, worship with them, and hear their stories.

Now that I am back I am looking forward for dance classes to begin at Newton Performing Arts Center where I teach tap and Irish dance classes plus I do choreography for our Dynamic Dance Company competitive team. My classes don’t start until after Labor Day and I can’t wait to be back in the studio to work with my students!

The fall semester is looking promising so far. Most of my classes are geared towards my major now and they have been very enjoyable and interesting. I am taking a lot of credit hours this semester — as in 20.5 — but I thrive on staying busy. I never seem to know what to do with myself when I have too much free time so this semester should be enough to keep me going. As I mentioned earlier, it was an amazing but crazy summer being at camp, so right now I’m very happy to be back and to be immersed in classes and my regular routine now.