Back to Bethel

Hello all! I am Cris Nelson, and I will be a junior this year at Bethel College. I grew up in the neighborhood, spending three years living in North Newton from the 4th grade on up to the end of my 6th grade year. I attended high school at Wichita Heights for four years, all the while making frequent trips back to North Newton to see friends and attend Bethel College Mennonite Church. My mother and my grandmother both used to be members of the church until they moved to Marietta, GA not to long before I would set off for my freshman college. My father and my sister both joined them in the trek to their new digs and took my two dogs, Bear and Shadow with them. Though I have not been to Georgia for any extended amount of time, it is where my family resides and thus my home, though it did not take long for me to find a second home here at Bethel.

Here at Bethel, I am a member of the Concert Choir as well as an athlete on the Track and Field team. Though running has never really been my specialty, I have been mastering the art of throwing thing since I was but a child. My specialty is Shot Put, but I look forward to learning the other three events, those being Discus, Javelin, and Hammer. I enjoy long walks on the beach,  singing, camping, counseling at camp Mennoscah, playing videogames, hanging out with friends and playing videogames with friends. Eating has always been one of my favorite pass times as well as sleeping and the occasional game of risk. Humans V. Zombies is another one of my campus activities. I, like many other Bethel students, believe that the best way to prepare for the coming zombie apocalypse is to practice. Though the circumstances for HVZ and an actual zombie apocalypse differ slightly, preparation in any shape or form is a good thing. Plus, you get to chase people around campus wearing bandanas and carrying all manner of nerf weaponry. You will be hard pressed to find any other reason to take a nerf gun to your classes.

Biology is my passion, though my freshman year I believed it to be engineering. After having taken a couple classes in both fields it did not take long for me repurpose my efforts. There is something magical about biology, and there is something significantly less magical about calculus., at least in my opinion. With biology as my major, I also plan on equipping myself with a chemistry minor and possibly a psychology minor as well. I am still debating that one. My goal is to teach in high school, or at the very least middle school. I believe that biology and chemistry are both fields that everyone must be informed of at least a little bit. You don’t necessarily have to like them but it never hurt to know a little bit about the basics. Knowing more about life and how it works never hurt anyone. My hope is that  I can make both biology and chemistry fun and enjoyable for my students, especially those who did not like either subject coming into Mr. Nelson’s classroom.

I look forward to another year at Bethel. If the first week is an indication as to its epicness, then I do believe that myself and everyone else who has decided to accompany me at Bethel is in for one fantastic year.