And So It Begins..


Hi, my name is Madelyn Weaver, and this will be my first year blogging. I am a sophomore here at Bethel majoring in Social Work and minoring in Management, as well as playing tennis for the women’s tennis team. I am from Hesston, Kan. seven miles down the road which I love because it’s close enough that I can go home often to see family and do my laundry but far enough away that I feel like I am living in a completely different area.

So classes have been going for about one and a half weeks and this school year is a year full of changes for us. Of course new freshman and transfers, and many new faculty, but many new building changes as well. The newly completely renovated Schulz Student Center is now up and running and it’s amazing. It has lots of classrooms and offices but also includes computer labs and places where you can sit and socialize or study as well as a kitchen.

The cafeteria has also been renovated and in my opinion has improved greatly. The design makes it look a lot more clean and organized and now it also gives a lot more options! The conveyor belt for the used dishes is one of my favorite additions, now all I am hoping for is a soft serve ice cream machine!

I have been enjoying all of my classes so far, I am not taking any social work classes this year but all the classes that I am taking will be helpful for me to have for social work as well, along with having choir classes which I am enjoying immensely. I am excited for all of the upcoming activities at campus including going to football games, playing our tennis matches, and coming up before we know it, Fall Fest! This year will be different for me because not only will I be attending it but I am now part of the SAA and will be helping plan for Fall Fest as well as other activities throughout the year, it will be a very good experience for me and I am excited for this year at Bethel the known and the unknown that is yet to come.