Spring Fling week

Now….to catch-up. Between my last post and now a lot has happened, I was in a movie for Bubbert’s Awards, fell off my bike, Qualified for Nationals and found a job for the summer. First the Bubbert’s Movie, I along with my friends were part of a Bubbert’s movie, I’m a Mennonite (here is the link too it.). For those who don’t know, Bubbert’s is our own little version of the Music Video awards or Movie Awards. Students across campus are encouraged to make their own film and submit it.

Unlike last year in which we only had three videos submitted, there were 7 submitted. We got Honorable Mention, but it was a whole lot of fun. The concept is based off the song Swananana by Baby Bash. A alumni had thought the song said I’m a Mennonite, so our fearless director came up with the lyrics and we made a song.

She was using my computer, which unfortunately crashed right before the movie was due so she had to start over. I felt awful but she go the movie done on time, so that’s all that matters.

This event is really fun because they do a red carpet set-up beforehand and have a photographer take pictures. I was a lot of fun to dress up and go on the red carpet with friends.

Bubberts was the wrap up to our Spring Fling Week. This year spring fling included powderpuff, iron chef, limeades and ultimate frisbee, s’mores and hot dogs and a game night. Super new is powderpuff football. My group brought a team together and played some pretty good games. We did a one night tournament and we played four games. One game away from the championship. There were some kinks in the set up being the first time, but it was fun nonetheless.