Mudslam all over the place!

Spring brings on many stresses with projects, concerts, seminars and finals looming on the horizon, but one week has all sorts of fun activities as well. Spring Fling week consists of various fun activities like a water fight, an Iron Chef competition, powderpuff football, a movie awards competition and last but definitely not least, Mudslam.

Mudslam is a mud volleyball tournament open to all students, faculty, staff and alumni. Teams of 8 with 6 playing at a time face off in the mud pit. With 28 teams this year, the tournament took most of the afternoon on Sunday. There is always a make-up date in case of rain or extreme cold, but we played in some pretty cold weather this year.

Since a major portion of campus participates, the emphasis is less on athletic ability and more on having fun getting very dirty. The mud proves difficult to have an actual game happen. The winners get a 50 dollar Pizza Hut gift card for winning, so there is an incentive to play well.