Salina, Kan.

Today the Concert Choir started off the 2012 tour with a trip to Salina, Kan. to sing for my Grandma, Alice Weltmer, in her retirement home. A few weeks ago when I was looking at the schedule of places that we were going, my Mom and I realized that my Grandma would not be able to make it to any of the concerts. She recently had back surgery and would not do very well with the traveling. I asked Bill and Dale if it would be a possibility to go to her since she could not come to see us. They immediately said that it was a possibility and that they would do whatever they could to make it happen. Not only did my Grandma get to see us perform because of it, but my Mom’s best friend from kindergarten was able to come as well. My Grandma was thrilled that we made the effort to let her see me perform and she really loved our music. When I was hugging her goodbye she was so happy that it almost brought me to tears because I was so glad that we could sing for her. I would like to thank Bill for allowing this, Dale for setting it up, and the retirement home for hosting us. I would also like to thank all the students who came to introduce themselves to my Grandma and talk with her a bit. That was a really sweet gesture and both her and I appreciated it a lot!

-Caroline Mayhew