Spring is coming

We’ve had awesome weather the past week here in North Newton. It’ s been a little on the windy side, but for February it’s fabulous. The downside of having nice weather, of course, is that when you have class all afternoon it’s hard to get out and appreciate it.

Luckily, some of Bethel’s professors feel the same way about nice weather. On one of the days last week when it was shorts weather my two math classes took place outside. The math department has a portable chalkboard in one of the classrooms that we take outside on nice days. Since the classes are so small it’s not hard to hold a lecture outside in the afternoon sunshine.

We saw a history class heading outside as well for a discussion. The discussion-based classes go outside quite often when the weather is appropriate. It’s common to see a group of students sitting on benches by the fountain, enjoying weather that would otherwise be lost to them, while discussion religion, history or literature.

I just hope this early spring doesn’t turn into a March full of blizzards!