Good Bye Interterm, Hello Spring

Interterm finished last Thursday. Interterm is the month of January in which we take one class for 2.5 to 3 hours everyday. I took Intro to Biblical Studies which is a required course at Bethel. In this course we went through the bible and studied each book slightly in-depth. We were required to know the order of all the books and went through all of the books during our discussions talking about their main stories, genres and inner lying message. Interterm ended well. The class was slightly demanding but it was enjoyable and helps you find out more about your faith and beliefs. It was really interesting because I noticed things about myself and the bible that I had never really thought about before.

Now that interterm is over, Spring semester started yesterday. I will be a little busy, but am excited for what it is to bring. I am involved in my normal newspaper, basketball and classes. I am taking yearbook this semester which is something new for me. I am also taking photography and a lot of Communication classes.Track season is about to start which is exciting. The weather right now is wonderful. Although we hear that there will be a cold front coming this weekend.

On another note, we had to do spring registration before the end of the day Monday. While doing this I realized I needed to find some new scholarships for the upcoming year. So I have been searching online for some sites that help you find some simple scholarships, that don’t involve a lot of work. One website is Scholarship Points. On this site you just visit multiple sites and article it suggests to you and you get a certain number of points for doing those things. Then you can take your points and put it towards a certain scholarship, the number of points you enter is the number of chances you have to win. For more information and to sign up go here.

Other sites I have been using are and more recently I have found a site called Zinch. These sites take some information about you, your interests, your school or school options, etc. and match you up with scholarships. Some that are simple and some that are more involved. Fastweb has the more involved scholarships. The scholarships I have found on Zinch are all easy write a few sentences scholarships. Although some of them are not very much money every little bit helps. Trust me. Bethel does a good job of finding financial aid for students, but that mostly covers costs to Bethel. Scholarships CAN cover book and extra class expenses, depending on if you have any left over.

That’s a lot of info in a little amount of time, but its whats been going on and what I’ve been doing. Now to gear up for a busy and fun Spring semester.