Cowboys and Indians

This was a weekend of fun and games. To start off the weekend, Voth Hall held a dance on their top floor; the Cowboys and Indians Dance. It was different than most dances because it had 3 different dance floors with different types of music. One was a dub-step, another country and the last hip-hop. The three floors made it fun because you could go from floor to floor and have a different taste of things from each floor.

It was also fun because everyone was able to dress up. I was an Indian and many of my friends were split between cowboys and indians. (The pictures below do not portray this fact but trust me they were there.)

My friends and I all made our indian costumes with material we found at Et Cetera shop (the thrift store in town) and on sale at Wal-mart. It was really fun to make the costumes. We had feathers, beads and leather and of course moccasins. So it might have been a little overboard, but it was fun to get ready and to spend time with the girls.

The Cowboys were not to say easy, but we do have quite a few farmers kids and people who love to go to the country club, so the cowboys really looked like cowboys. Here is a majority of our group. At least all the ones who got dressed together.

Overall the dance was lots of fun. The different dance floors made it a different type of experience, but made something that will have to be repeated.

Secondly, this weekend the Students Activities Council held a free bowling and pizza night Saturday night. That again was also fun, friends, bowling and free pizza how could you go wrong. The only down side was that a lot of people showed up and there are only so many lanes. Part of the reason that there were so many people was the fact that the football team used it as a bonding event. All the football players were bowling together at the same lanes.

This is the second bowling night we have had and it really is a nice event. It is something different and it allows you to go do something you might not otherwise be able to do due to budgeting. It isn’t a common thing, but SAC does a lot of good things like bowling, free movie a the theater, etc. It makes things a little more fun and we don’t have to worry about money.