Busy Busy Busy

Second semester has started off well. I have probably my heaviest academic load so far, but it is exciting at the same time. Sophomore year is the year that your major really kicks off. Up until around your second semester you are all about general education credits.

So this semester I have buckled down and am taking all credits that will go towards my degree. I am taking Gender, Class, Race and Media, Living in Performance, Ethics in Sports, Photography and Yearbook Production. All of which go to my Communication Arts Major or my arts minor.

It is my hardest load because they are all reading and writing. Depending on your major, that is pretty much what it consists of. It’s exciting because it is actually things that I have an interest in. But it also make me busy, busy, busy.

Luckily, basketball just finished, which took up quite a bit of time. I enjoyed the season but with the load I now have it is a good to not have as large of a dedication. I have just started going to track practice though.

Track is my first and foremost sport. I have enjoyed it since my freshman year of high school and have been able to find success. It is good to be out in the rings again. I am hoping for a successful season. Last season wasn’t a successful season. It was a difficult season because the track coach resigned during the first semester, so we had a temporary coach and it was a little unorganized due to the fact of a crazy transfer between the coaches.

This year Kent Allshouse, the new Athletic director, cross country coach, track coach and recently added, football coach, has started to make changes for the team. So far it seems strong and like it will be a good season.