Gala 201

“Miriam, go put on a dress!”  (To the modmate standing in the hallway of the mod singing while everyone else was rushing around getting ready)

“Can someone bobypin my hair?

“Who has the eye shadow?

“This necklace or the choker?

“I’m wearing my long underwear under my dress.

“I ate so much my dress isn’t falling down anymore!” (After the delicious pork loin with orange dressing)

“Good evening, my Dear Fellow.” (From the occupants of one carriage to the other as they passed each other )

These and more are the memorable quotes from mods 4C and 6C over the course of the evening.  And what a magical evening it was!!  The Christmas Gala is an annual Christmas event on campus that includes a delicious formal dinner, fantastic jazz concert, cookies and carriage rides from Goerz Hall (the President’s house), and a dance.  Of course these are just the campus sponsored events.  As you’ll see later, there are all kinds of other fun things happening.This year the dinner was held in Memorial Hall, and the hall had been decorated with lights and Christmas trees galore.  When we arrived, and surrendered our tickets, (free to students on the meal plan), gracious faculty and staff checked coats and we proceeded to the tables complete with tablecloths, cloth napkins, and festive centerpieces.  This certainly isn’t your typical night in the cafeteria, folks.

I’m sure that others will post pictures from the evening, so I’ll just include a few of my favorites.  Inside Goerz House, we had delicious cookies and were able to visit with President and Mrs. White (what gracious hosts!), and also could take a picture with Santa.  The house was decorated beautifully for Christmas, and it’s always a treat to visit the house my great-great-great-grandparents built and see their family portrait on the wall.

Finally, my evening ended with a trip to Druber’s Donut Shop.  I LOVE fresh donuts, especially peanut butter ones! Yum.  The same evening as Gala, Camp Mennoscah (a camp about an hour and a half away were many Bethel students serve as counselors and summer staff), was having a Camp night at Drubers.  They would give the first 40 people wearing Camp Mennoscah shirts a coupon for a free donut.  So of course my fiancé and I put on our camp shirts (with our formalwear of course, how often do you have a good excuse to wear your formal clothes to Drubers?)  Oh yeah, I also put on my tennis shoes for that one.  I’d had enough of those cold toes in my heels.