What is this, winter?

Well, folks, it happened. The first snow of the year.

Last year at this time I was dealing with lots of excited out-of-state people who either

a. had never seen snow before

b. had seen snow, but didn’t get it on a regular basis.

This year, those people were not so excited about the first snow, knowing that it brings lots of cold, wet days. Last winter we had the first snow day in over 30 years. Since Bethel is a residential campus, the only thing that keeps classes from meeting is if the professor can’t get to campus. Since a lot of professors live within walking distance, this doesn’t happen often.

Snow is also a reason to love Bethel’s small campus. There’s no dealing with scraping a car to get to class or even that long of a walk.

Even though the snow didn’t stick and it’s 50 degrees now, I’m still excited about the winter. Bundling up and staying cozy indoors is so much fun. It’s easy for me to like winter when I don’t have to do anything outside!