Weather Alert Snow

So its a little delayed, but about two weeks ago the basketball team had their first game. We went to play Central Christian in McPherson. The weather wasn’t the greatest, but it didn’t seem worrisome. After the game it was snowing, hard. It was sticking like alot. It was so bad if it would have stayed we would have been seeing a lot more of winter. It was crazy. Well we stopped at a girls house who is on the team for dinner. They live out in the country and we had to park in their gravel/dirt drive way. I am sure you can see where this is possibly going.

We had two 15 passenger buses and one minivan. Well one 15 passenger buses and the minivan got stuck in mud. We were waiting for like 20 minutes trying and trying to get them out. We were pushing and our feet were getting wet. We were getting soaked. The dad of the girl was so nice and came dug up his yard and pulled the cars out with his truck. It was crazy and funny after the fact. Luckily our van didn’t get stuck, and we went to help and its fun to look back on. But it is a reminder of one thing Kansas Weather is Crazy. One day last year we had sunny and hot in the morning, then gray and cloudy, then rainy super gray humid and then rounding off with snowing. Kansas has the weather of climates all over. Its funny to see people react to the weather. But it comes as a shock to everyone when it comes at crazy times.