The leaves are falling, mods are feasting, and someone’s fooling…..

It’s fall on campus and I frequently stop on my way across campus to watch two squirrels chase each other or to watch one hurriedly run to and fro with a nut in its mouth. The leaves are falling and the mod air conditioner no longer runs continuously.

With the fresh fall weather and continuing classes, mods (and residence halls) are starting to plan some of their own fun events. Last year the lovely ladies of mod 4C decided that to celebrate birthdays we would go out to eat at a restaurant of the birthday gal’s choice. Recently we celebrated a half-birthday (her actual birthday is in the summer) with a trip to Montana Mike’s it was a great time to relax and laugh together as we caught up on all the crazy things that we don’t always have time to talk about when we meet in the mod bathroom at 2:00 in the morning when we’re getting ready for bed. It’s amazing how you can live together and be so busy that you don’t have time to catch up with everyone. We had a blast together (check the pictures if you don’t believe me).

Upon our arrival back on campus we were surprised to find a “Welcome Home” sign on our door. This was rather unusual, but I didn’t think too much of it until we opened our mod door to find that someone or someones had been doing a little redecorating while we were gone. Our couches had become one mega couch structure and there were light bulbs in the potted plants. The cheese balls from the lounge had relocated to the bathroom (or “wash room” as the sign on the door says), and I’ll let you look at the pictures to see what we found in the shower.

We find it highly suspicious that when we moved the arm chair back onto the deck and away from our front door we saw most of 6C sitting in their lounge. Now I know for a fact those guys don’t typically have study parties in their lounge, particularly not on Sunday evenings. Let’s just say we’re highly suspicious!! The last picture shows a few of the guys from 6C who had better watch their backs because let me tell you, it’s on! This picture was taken when they decided to dress up for a guy’s night at Applebees.