The annual Halloween dance and costume contest was held this past weekend.  The dance was absolutely packed – it seemed like all of campus was there having a good time!  And the costume contest was full of creativity and flat-out brilliance.  From Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat to Beatles’ Songs to A Formal Apology to Tetris, everyone that I saw put lots of time and effort into their costumes.  My mod dressed as a flock of birds.  I was an owl, and my modmates each represented a canary, a swan, a blue-footed booby, a peacock, a parrot, a penguin, and a flamingo.  We spent nearly a week on our costumes, sewing tutus and jazzing them up with feathers, sequins, or glitter glue.  It was a great way to exercise our creativity and flair for arts and crafts as well as a mod bonding activity.

This evening is Trick or Treat Off the Street.  Families can bring their children to specially marked dorm rooms or mods around campus, where students will be waiting with piles of delicious candy.  It wasn’t so long ago that we were trick-or-treaters, so we know just what kinds of candy to buy – the GOOD kind!  It’s a really fun way for the campus to interact with the community and a chance for us to “ooh” and “aww” over cute children’s costumes as well as get one last hurrah out of our own.