addictions of a college student

So…of course college is fun. Lots of freedom, time with friends, good schedules, fun courses, etc. But one thing about college that you don’t always think about is the down time. Now with your down time you can choose to do one of two things be productive (aka doing homework) or being unproductive. Now more likely than not, if you really have to think about the choice, you will choose unproductive. With this time there are many things to get addicted too. My latest have been tetris battle, stumble upon and pintrest.

Now what is interesting is that all students sort of get hooked on the same thing all at the same time. My friend introduced me to stumble upon, soon all of our friends were stumbling, and then we saw lots of other people were too. Same with games like tetris or cityville. Last year with cityville we would have lunch conversations asking each other to please send us a permit or crops or etc. Now some of you might say wow. That’s pathetic. But really it is a really good way to releive stress. Which trust me, at times there will be lots of it.┬áNow it sometimes will be a waste of time and really sometimes you catch yourself and are like I really should be doing homework. But in all honesty, using the word addiction or unproductive is very loose and not completely descriptive. I am sure every one can admit to needing to do something….well….um….brain numbing or thoughtless. Especially after hours and hours of classes or tests. You need that me time.

My newest problem with stumble upon and pintrest is I slowly create a list of crafts in particular that I want to do. I am very into crafty things. Again not a big deal. But the problem comes when I find something I really want to do and can’t do it. It kind of consumes my mind. Lol. Again addictions. I will have to blame my mother partically for this though, because she is an art teacher and one of the craftiest women I know. So…wanting to do crafts is sort of in my blood and I have always had the access and ability to do so. So it sort of becomes a problem when I don’t have the resources to do it and it consumes my mind.

As I come to a close I am trying to think of a moral or lesson to leave you with from this post. In all honesty I can’t fully think of one. But I can say that I guess the message sort of got lost. I will say that you have to find your me time and whether it is seen as wasting time or not it can help a kid from going crazy. The second part is once you find that activity that helps you unwind you have to be able to balance it and not let it control you. I know my freshman year, my addictions sort of controlled me. But that is also part of growing up and being on your own. You have to figure out how to manage time without running yourself thin and how to have fun without putting off what you need to do. So although it may be an addiction it is a very needed addiction.