Joys of Being a Student Athlete

Of course the beginning of the year can be the easiest and the most stressful time of the year. You start every class by going over syllabuses, the easiest thing ever. But when you start your first tests and quizzes you realize that school has really begun. Luckily, classes don’t stress me out too much (the hardest part for me is reading a chapter every night out of textbooks.) It gets a little tricky when you throw a sport into the mix.Don’t get me wrong I love basketball and being a part of the team. I’m so glad I decided to play once I got to college. It keeps me in shape, you always know you will always have friends because a team is the best place to start meeting people, you never have to sit alone at lunch, I get to keep doing what I love and have fun. But when it comes to the time part, it takes up a lot of time. Basketball season is the longest season out of all college sports. It is pretty much the entire year. Which isn’t all bad, but especially within your first year or two it takes a little of getting used too. Right now I am a little tired, like all week. We have started basketball conditioning which is hard and tiring, but it will be worth it in the end. There is a lot of time management that goes into school once you get to college. Not only for athletes but just in general for everyone one. It is nice to have only two classes a day and only a couple times a week, but that means that homework is double what you think it would be. Which means lots of time management.With the season right around the corner, practices start Monday, I’ve finally started to get into the swing of things and can’t wait for things to get started.