Fall Frenzy

Wow! It seems like we have been back at school forever and it’s only been a month. Most classes have had their first exams and musical concerts are just over the horizon. The freshmen have started to look a lot less like lost puppies. My modmates and I finally finished decorating our lounge and it looks spectacular.

We have four double rooms and one single room with a shared lounge. It’s a lot cozier than my hall last year, but it’s with people that I love and who I’m ok with running into early in the morning. We also love the mods around us. Some mods tend to emit unwanted things like loud noises and undesirable smells, but we’re pretty happy with our neighbors.

The next few weeks will continue to be crazy. Fall Fest, our homecoming, is in two weeks and attracts thousands of people to campus. The theater department is preparing for the play that will take place over that weekend. Sports teams are gearing up for homecoming games and some of us are just excited for good food and an afternoon off from class.

For some reason my computer stopped letting me upload pictures sometime over the summer, so until I figure that out my posts will be quite boring. Sorry.