This is simply EPIC

You may have heard the word “Masterworks” thrown around during your interactions with Bethel students. So what is Masterworks? Masterworks is a showcase concert that we will be putting on at Bethel on the 8th of May, this Sunday. If you’re interested, it’s still not too late to come. The concert will be held at 4:00 PM in Memorial Hall, and the work to be performed is Schubert’s “Mass in E flat major”. Masterworks is a Bethel tradition that began under the tenure of former Band director Don Kerberg. He decided that it would be a good idea to hold a concert on Mother’s Day as a celebration for the fine job that all of our mothers have done in raising us. From this origin the pieces gradually became more complicated until it evolved into a full two hour production of classical works. Now Masterworks is more than just Bethel; the Newton Mid-Kansas Symphony Orchestra plays the part of the backing orchestra to the Concert Choir’s stunning vocal lines. In addition, there will be supporting a flue concerto.Different experiences tend to be referred to as “epic” by different groups. Lord of the Rings was an epic movie. A video gamer might pull of a once-in-a-lifetime feat in a game of Halo. Those are epic. So is this piece that we’re doing for concert choir. This piece is epic in scope, epic in sound, and it’s a very fun experience being a part of it.Here’s a teaser: