Signing Off…


I’m done with my semester!!!! I’m so relieved. What with taking physics, biochemistry, and organic chemistry, plus studying for the MCAT, and working at the hospital, it has not been an easy past 3 months. But it’s over now and my life is so much better! The atmosphere at the college over finals week is always sort of eclectic… there are people who only have one final (or none!) and people who have four; there are people who finish all of their finals by Wednesday evening, and others who have one last final on Friday; and there are people who are trying to study while their friends are celebrating the end of their year (bummer).

This afternoon a few of my friends and I met to celebrate the end of finals by swing dancing. There’s a small contingent of dancers here (only six of us!), but a few of us still manage to get together fairly regularly to let off some steam or relax by dancing. Today was the first time that all six of us had been together, so it was even more fun than usual. We just hung out and talked, danced, practiced new moves, brushed up on old ones, and remembered all of the fun we had had all year.

This summer I will be staying around Newton, living in a house just off campus with 3 of my swing dancing friends (Lots of dancing all summer!!!) and working at the Newton Medical Center as a nurse’s aide. Additionally, I’ll be doing research for my two senior seminars and starting to apply for medical school. It’ll be pretty busy, but a far different type of busy than what I’ve been used to. And that will be a nice change.

I’ve enjoyed sharing about my Bethel experience this semester. Hopefully I’ll be back next year for the continuing story! Thanks for reading!