Open Road, finals, and lots of coffee

Well, today is officially the last Monday of the school year. I have a final every day for the next three days then have to pack and go home. It’s sad to see everyone getting ready to leave, but it’s also going to be nice to not have to do schoolwork.

Last night was the home concert for the men’s acapella group Open Road. They’re the best of the best and I’m really sad that I didn’t record any of it to put up here. They pick members from Concert Choir at the beginning of the year and then sing at various events, including the KMEA convention this year. My brother was in it for the first time this year, which is a big deal because he didn’t do choral groups in high school or anything. He even had a solo and did great! I’m so proud of him.

I’m doing my studying in Mojos, which might not be the best for productivity but I’m hyped up on coffee now and ready for anything. I’m working at the bookstore this summer, which is right next to Mojos, so I anticipate buying lots of coffee this summer too!

I’m also counseling at the Summer Science Institute, a week-long camp for high schoolers for science and math. I’m really excited because I get to work with a Bethel grad who does computer work for the state of Missouri so I hope to make a good connection for internship recommendations.